Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2173:
The Presidential Election and the Independent Voter -
Multiple Body Language Displays

In this CNN video interview/profile of an independent voter in Jefferson County, Colorado - we see in a few seconds a rapid succession of nonverbal displays. Corky Grimm, the bicycler and owner of the Green Mountain Sports shows us his true emotional tone. There's a multitude of body language examples in this story - here are a few:

2:10 - 2:11 - Left eyebrow and left forehead contracted and raised, Incredulity display

2:15 - 2:16 - Eyelids partially closed, concave-up furrow in lower eyelids, smooth and
                     uncontracted forehead, corners of mouth directed primarily upwards, only upper
                     teeth displayed - dynamic increase in crows feet - all indicate a Sincere Smile

2: 22 - Unilateral (left) closed mouth asymmetrical pseudo-smile, subtle left mid-face
            tightening, and although we can't see directly, indications of left nostril flaring all
            show Contempt

2:23 - Tongue protrusion, Anxiety display, possible Disgust component

2:23 - 2:24 - Lip compression (straight horizontal line) and lip thinning - highly indicative of Anger

2: 25 - 2:27 - Lower teeth display, jaw jut, jaw-teeth clench - all indicate Anger

This is a great example of the very rapid and dynamic nature of multiple nonverbals appearing in quick succession. Mr. Grimm has, like many, been through a lot in the great recession and, at least from what's his body language displays in this short video, does a better job than most at keeping his feelings concealed. Do you know who he'll vote for next Tuesday?

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