Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2690: Peyton Manning Explains the Meaning of "Omaha" Call - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Although other quarterbacks have used it before, including Tom Brady and his little bro' Eli, Peyton Manning has made the call "Omaha" somewhat famous in the last few weeks. After earning his third career Super Bowl appearance and his first in a Denver Broncos uniform, many people want to know what it means. He's probably been asked this many times, so the answer he gives above is not his first. Peyton's pretty good in front of the camera, yet he gives away several key body language tells. One is briefly discussed here.

At the 0:33 second mark, near the end of the video, Manning displays a nonverbal known as a "Tongue Jut" or "Lizard Tongue". This is very evanescent and is but one example of a microexpression. It has several different meanings depending on the other body language signals with which it is clustered. These include: "I've been bad", "I just got caught", "I've done a foolish thing" or "I got away with something". It can also indicate self-deprecation or excitement.

Can you discern which of these meanings Peyton's body language is conveying here? Would you have seen this tell or paid it attention had it not been pointed out? What other nonverbals did you spot?

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