Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2682: Sperm Donor Switch and a Body Language Example of .... (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In a bizarre turn of events worthy of a movie, Annie Branum, an Astrophysics major at University of Texas San Antonio, has discovered that the man who she believed to be her father is not related at all. He shares none of her DNA - a fact she discovered last year. Her mother Pamela Branum has a strong interest in genealogy and the ability to discover more about the family's lineage led them to undergo genetic testing. What they found out was shocking.

Tom Lippert, and ex-employee of the Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc., and who is now deceased, was the true sperm donor. It is not yet known whether this occurred via lab error or if the sperm deliberately switched. Lippert, who plead guilty to kidnapping in 1975, is now deceased. The lab is no also longer in business.

In the video above, and exampled in the image below, Annie Branum displays multiple microexpressions and subtle expressions of contempt. Note while there is some lateral movement of one side of the mouth, it's also significantly vectored upward in what is often described as a snarl - although many often mistake it for a variation of a subtle smile. There is also a tightening (contraction) of the tissue between the upper lip and nose as well as a flaring of the nostril on the same side and a deepening of her (left) nasal-labial furrow (which runs from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth).

Who else displays contempt in this video?

In addition to Annie Branum, who also displays a significant asymmetrical mouth expression? What is its body language significance?

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