Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2680: Chris Christie's State of the State Address - Body Language Swagger and Sincerity (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Chris Christie gave New Jersey's State of the State Address today. This year's Address was a particularly difficult one for him. The Governor's stressor of the recent scandal surrounding the George Washington Bridge lane closures has been compounded by allegations of abuse of funds intended for Hurricane Sandy relief. A commercial which featured the Governor and his family costing $ 4.7 million was opted for rather than a version for $ 2.5 million which did not feature the New Jersey first family. This commercial was intended to drive up tourism for the Jersey Shore. Many feel that this was essentially free campaigning for Christie in the months leading up to his re-election.

The video above features the first 2:42 of the Governor's 2014 State of the State address from earlier today. At several times (two of them captured in still images below) he displays a characteristic quick, head tilt-head turn - which conveys a significant alpha quality. This quick snap of the head and neck can be thought of as a form of body language swagger or machismo, even when displayed by women. It conveys strength, a high confidence level and determined mindset. Note that Christie displays this nonverbal signal in the context of defending himself amid attacks from his political foes. Although the head snap does not in isolation convey sincerity, in this cluster context it does. Governor Christie believes strongly he is in the right.

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