Friday, January 10, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2676: Nancy Pelosi, Chris Christie, Bling and a Handkerchief (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday at a Press conference Ms. Nancy Pelosi (D - CA) was asked about Chris Christie's latest trouble. Her response provides some fantastic body language tells.

At 0:14, Ms. Pelosi is seen displaying a "Tongue Jut" (aka "Lizard Tongue"). This is a highly classic nonverbal signal indicating the emotional context accompanying the following thought-feelings: "I did/am about to do a foolish thing", I got away with something", "I've got (about to get) caught" or "I've been (I am) bad". When clustered with other nonverbals, it's a body language expression which can also indicate excitement or self-deprecating humor.

Ms. Pelosi's juts her tongue about 4 seconds after she hears Chris Christie's name. In this moment she is formulating her response - and this expression shows us that she's about to sling mud (as well a self-critique of what she's about to say).

Here is a statement analysis (language analysis) pearl: A second later at 0:15, as Ms. Pelosi begins her answer, the first word she uses is "actually". Although it's a very common word, whenever the answer to a question begins with the word "actually" (e.g. the very first word in the response), the answer which follows has an extremely high likelihood of being a lie. Ms. Pelosi goes on to example this principle as she speaks about her "concerned about transportation to the Super Bowl" of the San Francisco 49ers.

The California democrat then supplies Saturday Night Live with fodder as she shows off bling of her charm bracelet ("... You probably were noticing I'm have an extraordinary amount of bling ..."). This was not however what it may look like. Ms. Pelosi used the next 30 seconds to formulate her answer to the reporter's question regarding Governor Chris Christie and the Bridge lane closure scandal. She was stalling for time.

What other nonverbal stalling techniques do politicians (or witnesses, those being uncomfortably vetted, spouses, students, criminals, CEOs in the midst of crisis management, etc.) use to gain more time to think of the "right answer"?

During 0:43 to 0:46, the House Minority Leader exhibits a prolonged bilateral tight eyelid closure (along other nonverbals). In this context this expression indicates emotional processing associated with embarrassment. She just finished rambling (see below) about her bracelet and the San Francisco 49ers - and she is realizing how foolish this looked.

At 0:46 Ms. Pelosi continues,
"... I won't, I wouldn't think of getting involved in that discussion except to say [long nose wipe during 0:50 - 51] that the outrage that the governor demonstrated this morning I think was - or was it yesterday - whenever it was, we saw it this morning ah, was certainly justified um, I don't, I don't know that much about it you're right it's not, it's not part of my responsibility, ah, but I do know that ah, that if it were a democratic governor, I can just imagine, ah what,[stunted laughter] ah Chris Christie would be doing under the circumstances. Can you? Can you just see it? Can you just see what he'd be doing if ah? And little, a little ethnicity involved in some ah, some of the emails. Very interesting. That's all I know."

Here Ms. Pelosi's nose no doubt itches (via the release of natriuretic polypeptide b - also called Nppb) - and/or probably feels like it is running a bit. Such a nose rub in the context of answer a specific question or declarative statement is highly indicative of a lie. This certainly explains her anxiety and subsequent nose itch. She says, "... I won't, I wouldn't think of getting involved in that discussion ..." - yet she goes on to immediately get involved in the discussion.

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