Sunday, January 26, 2014

Body Language Analysis No. 2701: Cuddling, Romance, Affection and Foot-Shunning - Nonverbal Tells (PHOTO)

In the beginning of relationship as a couple crescendos through multiple stages of intimacy, often the last place we let our lovers touch is our feet. As the relationship continues, foot touching will occur the vast majority of the time (although there is a relatively small minority of individuals who never want their feet touched - it may also be due a relationship-specific idiosyncrasy).

Many people cannot distinguish sex from affection. Once cuddling commences however and the feet are touching, there is a high likelihood of true affection. Indeed love may be present. However once this foot-contact has been established - a drop-off of this bed room body language is a strong signal of waning love and diminished affection.

If affection is shunned and not warmly received it will seek a place where it is welcome. Foot-shunning is one of many nonverbal signs of waning affection, lessening of love and perhaps that an extra-marital affair is in the works. So if your spouse displays less affection, particularly with poor foot contact during cuddling, a red flag has been raised. Take heed.

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