Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2683: Alice Eve, Craig Ferguson, Kierkegaard and Free Will, Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This video includes the actor Alice Eve promoting the latest Star Trek movie ("Star Trek Into Darkness") last summer on "The Late Show with Craig Ferguson". Among other topics they discuss Kierkegaard and free will. Below is a discussion of one moment of Eve's body language.

At the 7:16 mark Ms. Eve briefly turns and slightly tilts her head away from Ferguson. Her eyes also gaze evanescently in the opposite direction. And while the right side her mouth attempts a smile, the side facing her host pulls laterally and downwards in a partial expression of a "Mouth of Fear". This is a form of a duplicitous smile. Like the theatrical mask with one side smiling and the other side frowning - it sends out different emotional tones (emotional dissonance). She wants to be polite and yet steer clear of the discussion regarding free will. She is cuing these two thoughts and corresponding emotions via her nonverbal signals. And while this example is put forth in a setting of comedy, Alice's dual emotions are very real. Similar body language is seen millions of times a day in the more serious settings of the board room, the court room, the exam room and the sales floor.

You only see what you look for - and you only look for what you know. What body language are you glossing over? Are you sure?

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