Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2172:
Governor Chris Christie's Body Language of Contempt -
Microexpressions and Subtle Displays

Like most of the Governors of the N.E. United States, in the wake of Hurricane-turned Frankenstorm-Superstorm Sandy - New Jersey's Chris Christie has his hands very full. In this CNN interview with Piers Morgan, the Governor's body language displayed some interesting tells when Piers' questioned him regarding what he thought about some people being surprised by his strong praising of President Obama and the nonpartisan and collegial vibes this gave off. 

While there were several other body language signals in this video, Governor Christie displayed a microexpression of contempt at the 0:22 and again at the 0:42 mark and a much longer duration, but low-level/subtle expression of contempt during a good portion of the first 1:02 of this video. These nonverbal signals tells us not that Christie has contempt in this video for Barack Obama - but rather that he has contempt for anyone who would call into question his sincerity regarding his earlier praising of the President.

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