Friday, September 29, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4078: Toddler Steals Prince Harry's Popcorn - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During an event at the Invictus Games, a toddler repeatedly helped herself to Prince Harry's popcorn. When Harry finally "caught" her - he was playful (Of course, he probably knew all along she was pinching his popcorn [longer version here]).

Like most good-natured uncles - Prince Harry interacted well with the little girl. Upon teasing her, he instinctively realized he may have gone a bit too far. A beautiful manifestation of his psyche's awareness of this infraction is seen during 0:31 - in the form of a very specific microexpression.

Here Harry displays a classic example of a "Loose Tongue Jut" (be careful not to confuse this with a "Tight Tongue Jut" - which has a completely different meaning). It's also sometimes referred to as a "Lizard Tongue".

A Loose Tongue Jut signals "I've been bad", "I've been caught" (Navarro) - and, as it's exampled here, it's very often a self-deprecating act. It's our psyche calling us out - e.g., "My bad!". It's important to note that Prince Harry wasn't deliberately sticking his tongue out at the child - rather the teasing action came earlier via the popcorn. The Loose Tongue Jut dynamic is subconsciously driven.

Watch this video at regular speed - without looking at the time marker - you may very well miss it. Then when you do see it (occurring during 0:31) - note how quickly it happens. Next, view it at 1/4 speed - it's still quite evanescent.

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