Friday, September 22, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4071: Fans' Reaction to Trauma - Young Girl Hit By Foul Ball at Yankee Stadium - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTO)

On Wednesday, New York Yankee third baseman, Todd Frazier, hit a 105 mph line-drive foul into the stands. Tragically, the ball struck a young girl. At last report, she is "stable" and recovering in New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital.

From a body language perspective, the image below illustrates some highly characteristic behavior. Notice the three standing adults who are all facing approximately toward the photographer. The woman with her left hand touching her forehead, the man in the center with both hands on top of his head, and the man on the right side of the image covering his mouth and lower nose with his left hand.

When we witness or are told of a dramatic event - it takes a few moments to emotionally come to terms with what has transpired. It may be incredibly good news - or it may be awful. Sudden facial, head, (or less commonly neck) touching signifies that, although the intellect may realize what has occurred - the emotional brain takes longer to process it ("Emotional Processing"). 

But not everyone performs this sudden facial-head-neck touching (and certainly this photo is only a single frame) - yet those individuals who do display this reaction will also possess higher empathy quotients as well as higher sincerity quotients compared to the general population. Thus, this sudden nonverbal dynamic tells us not only what is happening in the thought-emotions of the moment - but it also is an accurate over-all personality predictor for how the person may react in other scenarios.

May this little girl make a complete and speedy recovery.

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