Monday, September 18, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4067: 2017 Emmys - Melissa McCarthy's Reaction to Sean Spicer Doing Melissa McCarthy Doing Sean Spicer - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

It must have been an odd feeling for Melissa McCarthy last night at the Emmys. But as she was watching Sean Spicer portray herself portraying Sean Spicer - what was she thinking? What was she feeling?

Melissa McCarthy is a skilled actor - and in this first moment she was trying to force smile - however, her true emotions in this moment were anger mixed with contempt. Notice her chin dimpling - this is a result from her chin thrusting forward - which is secondary to adrenaline from anger. Her thinned (narrowed) upper lip is also indicative of anger.

Sincere suppressed laughter or smiling would have revealed a retracted jaw and/or an "Inward Lip Roll".

Notice too, the area  above her lip and below her nose - it's tightened and in an asymmetrical fashion and elevated - more so on her right. This is a contempt display - albeit somewhat well-masked.

The fact that Melissa McCarthy had a relatively mild surprise display in this first frame (her forehead is contracted, her eyebrows and upper eyelids are elevated) indicates either any surprise had significantly diminished before the camera found her (true surprise is very short-lived, only lasting a second or two) - or she may possibly have had some foreknowledge of this skit.

This nose touch, with her downward head tilt, in this context, indicates Ms. McCarthy's internal dialog is saying something similar to, "WTF!? I can't believe Sean Spicer is *ACTUALLY* doing this!"

Melissa McCarthy's chin-touching with her still tightened mid-face tells us, that along with disgust, she's critically evaluating Spicer - and/or Stephen Colbert, or others who may have written this skit.

Summary: Melissa McCarthy was not impressed with Sean Spicer's short skit during the 2017 Emmys. She displayed anger, contempt, and critical evaluation in these very brief views of her reaction.

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