Sunday, September 10, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4057: Steve Bannon's "60 Minutes" Interview - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In the 60 Minutes preview video above, Charlie Rose interviews Steve Bannon - President Trump's former Chief White House Strategist (a newly created position) and CEO of candidate Trump's campaign.

From a body language perspective, there multiple valuable tells in this interview - one of which is discussed here.

During 1:37 - 1:38, as Charlie Rose says, "You seem to have done that at every point in the campaign - when he was in trouble, asking him to double-down on his rhetoric, double-down in terms of appealing to his base .... ", when the camera switches to Bannon's face, at the very end of Mr. Rose's sentence and for about a second afterward, Mr. Bannon Clenches his jaw muscles (Masseter muscles). Look carefully at the back of his jaw - in front of and slightly below his ears for a bulging muscle. His upper lip, which although is not very thick on Bannon's resting face - thins out so dramatically, it disappears. The area above his upper lip and below his nose (the "mustache area") also is significantly tightened.

We see this same pattern at 2:08 - 2:09 on Mr. Bannon's face as Mr. Rose says, "Did you lose confidence of anybody because they came at you at that point and said, 'Look, w, w, he ought to get out of this race - other than - Reince Priebus'?..."

If you look carefully, you can even see Bannon doing this when he is back-lit during 2:05 - 2:08.

Also, during 3:18, 3:27 - 3:28, and 3:29 - 3:30 - as Steve Bannon and Charlie Rose were discussing
Governor Chris Christie, Mr. Bannon again displays these same nonverbal signals multiple times. Intriguingly, there was also an additional component of nostril flaring and forward jutting of the jaw present in this segment.


In this second video of the same interview, at 1:10 Charlie Rose says, "I tell ya where many people suggest it should have gone. It should have gone in terms of denouncing - specifically from the very beginning - neo-Nazis and white supremacists and people of that political view - and they should have gone there because - ahhh, those were people that Americans in World War II went to fight against and you should have instantly have denounced them - and you didn't at first instinct. In fact, you seemed to be doubling-down in terms of a moral equivalency."

During most of Mr. Rose's statement, Mr. Bannon is clenching his jaw repeatedly. This is best seen on Bannon's face during 1:22 - 1:32. Yet as with the examples already discussed - if you look carefully, some of this jaw-clenching display can even be seen from behind when Mr. Bannon is back-lit.

All of these examples show Mr. Bannon, to varying degrees, in moments of adrenaline surges specific to anger. Please watch the videos carefully, as the still images do not capture the dynamic nature of these nonverbal signs.

Of course, we're all allowed to feel anger.  We're human beings. Yet - in a healthy individual, as with all emotions, anger should be:

• Contextual
• Proportional
• Not too frequent

Summary: This is but one conversation/interview. However, it's profoundly important to note that when jaw clenching, forward jutting of the jaw, thinning of the upper lip, nostril flaring, tightening of the mustache region (or other anger signals) are frequently displayed - take heed, for the person is far from emotional baseline - and Impulse Control Disorder may very well be lurking.

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