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Body Language Analysis No. 4073: Prince Harry and Melania Trump Meet in Canada for Invictus Games - Harry's Hand Signal - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Many are wondering about Prince Harry's and Melania Trump's meeting yesterday - particularly Harry's hand gesture.

The First Lady was in Toronto and met the Prince as part of the Invictus Games ("an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event, created by the Harry of Wales, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans" participate in Olympic-style athletic events).

A few seconds prior Prince Harry and the First Lady shook hands.

Then Prince Harry attempted to unbutton his jacket - but before he managed to do so - he posed for the image in question.

It's important to note that Harry's fingers and thumb were not flexed - but rather slipped beneath the left side of his jacket

When the middle and ring fingers are flexed and met with the thumb - simultaneously with the index finger (forefinger) and pinky finger extended - this configuration forms an emblem which - especially with an extended arm - has different meanings in different cultures and subcultures.

Some Mediterranean cultures make this gesture when confronted with unfortunate events - or even when such negative events are even mentioned. The "Sign of the Horns" may be given as an effort to ward off bad luck. In India, its use was first used by Gautama Buddha for a similar purpose - trying to prevent illness and demons.

Wicca culture may use this same hand gesture to evoke their horned god.

Some use it as a signal of the devil. This meaning is most notably used in heavy metal subculture - although some in these same groups will maintain it's used to protect against the devil.

In some Latin American regions as well as some Mediterranean countries - when this "Sign of the Horns" is directed at someone and wiggled back and forth - it is used as an offensive gesture as it implies cuckoldry.

Those who are fans of certain America football teams - such as the University of Texas Longhorns, use this hand illustrator to show enthusiasm and solidarity for their team.

While it's possible that Harry's gesture was deliberate - with a specific sub-cultural meaning, such as those discussed above - it was much more probable Harry's hand display was subconsciously driven by a strong emotion.

Numerous sources have reported that Harry is "not a fan" of President Trump. He has expressed these feelings more publicly since he announced his candidacy in June 2015. Prince Harry believes Donald Trump is a serious threat to human rights. It's also well known that, upon Lady Di's and Prince Charles' separation, Donald Trump aggressively pursued Diana - and reportedly "he gave her the creeps".

Prince Harry is impassioned for the Invictus Games, which he founded - and he strongly supports veterans and active military. Prince Harry is also diplomatic and polite. He routinely welcomes World leaders and, like his mother, represents the UK in a unifying and humanitarian manner. But he does not care for Donald Trump. And while he may not have formed similar opinions for the First Lady - such a meeting with her leaves him feeling "too close for comfort". Harry's feeling cognitive and emotional dissonance.

Note Harry's arm is directed across his lower abdomen - which reveals his momentary beta feelings in this otherwise alpha male. His two fingers and his thumb hiding beneath his jacket - amplify these uncomfortable emotional tones. He has to be there - but he doesn't want to be there - not with Melania - not President Trump's wife. Harry's being "the good soldier".

It's also important to point out that Harry just touched her - this was the hand that just shook hands with Melania. Moreover, his hand is positioning is pulling and pointing away from her - in a subconscious distancing maneuver. Most men want to be photographed with their jacket's buttoned - but unbutton those same jackets just prior to or upon sitting down (as did Harry). But Harry's hand moved away from Melania quickly. Sure - it was for a utilitarian and very valid reason - but subconsciously it was driven to do faster, sooner, awkwardly, and more extreme than it otherwise would have if he were being photographed with another public figure

Now, look at Harry's face. His upper lip is quite thinned, his "mustache area" is tensed, and his nostrils are flared. While it's not in this moment extreme - the Prince is suppressing anger.

In the moment captured in the image immediately above, Harry even momentarily displays bitterness-regret, with more than a bit of disgust.

Summary: Harry's Hand gesture signals his cognitive and emotional dissonance between meeting with Melania - whose husband he doesn't care for - and his desire and belief in promoting the Invictus Games. This is not a signal of a conspiracy - Harry's hand dynamic is behavioral.

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