Friday, September 29, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4079: Tom Price, Private Jets, and Nonverbal Disparity - Emotional Intelligence Secrets (PHOTOS)

Earlier today, Tom Price resigned his position as Secretary of Health and Human Services. On 21 September 2017, Politico broke the story that Dr. Price had used numerous private Jets and military aircraft for travel at government expense when ample commercial airline flights were available. Price has offered to repay the costs for his seats on these flights (about $52,000) - but not for that of his staff. The latest estimates for these total travel expenditures exceed one million dollars.

Dr. Price's behavior contradicts his repeated and very public declaration - his desire to cut and control healthcare expenditures. In the image above we can also see disparity - but in Tom Price's body language. What specifically are these signals - and importantly, how do we decipher them?

What's most obvious is Price's Index Finger Pointing. The dynamic of pointing with one's index finger (aka forefinger) is a hyper-alpha display and it's universally negatively interpreted - regardless of culture, country, ethnicity, or economic class. At the very least it's considered offensive and rude - and, when displayed frequently - it's very often clustered with other behavior (nonverbal and otherwise) consistent with narcissistic personality disorder.

The former HHS Secretary has his right eye open with his left eyelids closed. His right index finger is aligned with his right visual axis - and his thumb is extended vertically. This body language cluster strongly suggests he is using his hand as a gun metaphor. This is also a profoundly hyper-alpha display.

But now look at his left hand, arm, and his lower extremities. The angles of his thighs are not very far out-of-parallel - this display is significantly beta (particularly for a wealthy, alpha male [Price's net worth in 2014 was estimated at 13.6 million USD]).

His left lower arm and wrist are protecting his groin in a modified fig leaf (genital guarding) display - which is also consistent with low confidence and defensiveness.

Of particular note are the fingers on Price's left hand - which, although we cannot see them entirely, appear to be positioned beneath his right thigh. This is a high beta configuration - projecting low confidence, low emotional comfort, and a hesitancy to disclose information.

Summary: This image shows the former HHS Secretary's upper body nonverbal behavior in an alpha display - yet it's all very conscious and deliberate.

In contrast, Dr. Price's lower body displays are projecting a beta mindset - the need for protection, and a hesitancy to disclose - but in distinction, these are all subconsciously controlled.

Whenever nonverbal signals appear to be disparate or contradictory - the behavior which is subconsciously driven display the person's true emotions.

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