Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3239: Gaston Meet and Greet Near Gaston's Tavern, New Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom - and a Characteristic Facial Expression indicating .... (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This recently viral video includes an on-site actor at Walt Disney World who is playing "Gaston" - the primary antagonist from the 1991 Disney film, "Beauty and the Beast". Gaston's character is described as: "arrogant, egotistical, boorish, simple–thinking, rude, conceited, vain, selfish, chauvinistic, petty, murderous, stubborn, sexist, a stalker, evil, brutal, violent, conniving, sneaky, insane, backstabbing, superficial, pompous and a beast within."

Throughout most of this video the actor has a facial expression which includes a near constant central forehead contraction (CFC) in tandem with a partially-suppressed to near-full mouth smile. It's important to stress that a mouth smile is never a smile of sincere joy-happiness if there is any forehead contraction. Moreover when there is a central forehead contraction together with variations of mouth smiles - then more specifically it also indicates the presence of either arrogance (although there are other nonverbals of arrogance), contempt (other facial displays of contempt are common too) or incredulity (this is also not the only nonverbal display indicative of disbelief). We all - every human being - display this facial expression from time-to-time because, of course, we all occasionally feel these emotions. However when a person chronically displays this expression it's highly consistent with a sociopathic personality (antisocial personality disorder).

Of course, this not to suggest this man (or anyone) playing Gaston is a sociopath - he is acting. He does however have significant talent, has enjoyed some good coaching from Disney and - he's a good actor.  Be warned though - if your lover or potential lover wears such a facial expression on a chronic basis - run, don't walk.

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