Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3262: Donald Trump, Breast Pumping and Donald's "That's Disgusting" - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump faces yet another controversy which highlights his low empathy quotient. A few years ago during a deposition, a member of the opposing counsel (Ms. Elizabeth Beck) asked to take a break so that she could, in private, use a breast pump. A partial description of her point of view of this incident is included within Jimmy Kimmel's video (above). Ms. Beck recounts Mr. Trump screaming, "You're disgusting! You're disgusting!" She also describes the Trump's face growing red and him displaying what is a "Finger Point, Hand-Chop" followed by "he ran out of there". This verbal-nonverbal cluster display is indicative of anger - not disgust. Mr. Trump has a habit of mislabeling emotions.

Intriguingly (particularly since this incident took place during a deposition), when in the context of being confronted with possible deception, a finger-point hand-chop is also highly consistent with lying. 

Those people who say, "Mr. Trump speaks his mind", may be surprise to discover that of the four video examples Kimmel includes within this video (when Trump is saying, "... disgusting ..."), only the one shown here (left) also includes a facial expression with some component of disgust (although most of this expression is feigned disbelief).

When the verbal language and the nonverbal language are in disparity - it's the nonverbal which always projects the truth. Twenty-five percent does not sincerity make.

Disgust with contempt (here contempt is the greater of the two)

Disgust in the context of a poor social smile (aka pseudo-smile, false smile, fake smile, etc.)

Note the asymmetry of Trump's mouth. Asymmetrical facial expressions are very often insincere. Exceptions to this good rule-of-thumb include those seen during partial emotional suppression - as well as when the emotion is beginning or ending.

This image also captures disgust with contempt - again in this example, contempt is the greater of these two similar emotions.

A great example of pure disgust.

As do icebergs - so often social smiles have a much greater underlying emotional component. This poor false smile attempts to camouflage a very large disgust component.

Always remember, sincere smiles are pure - while social smiles are mixtures.

This image captures Mr. Trump in a trifecta moment of disgust, contempt and bemusement.

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