Monday, July 6, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3238: Ex-Footballer Sol Campbell, the Mayor of London and a Some Classic Body Language (PHOTOS)

Earlier this year, ex-footballer Sol Campbell announced his intention to run for the Conservative Party nomination for Mayor of London. The image above examples a fantastic nonverbal mixture of three emotions - yet what are they?

When evaluating Mr. Campbell's facial expression some questions to ask for rapid nonverbal evaluation include:
  • Is Sol's "mustache area" tightened?
  • Are his nostrils flared? If so, is any flaring symmetrical?
  • Are Campbell's eyelids partially closed or resting at baseline? 
  • Are his eyelids tensed?
  • Describe Mr. Campbell's forehead contraction.
  • What is the activity of his corrugator supercilii (eyebrow gatherer) muscle tell you?
  • What is the significance of his head tilt?
  • Why is Campbell's head not turned toward that at which he is looking? Said another way, why are his eyes doing most to the turning and his head hardly at all?
  •  Is Sol's mouth neutral? If not, what is the primary emotion conveyed by his mouth configuration?
  • Describe the ex-footballer's eyebrows and the significance of their position.
After answering all of these questions you should conclude this possible future Mayor of London is feeling contempt, incredulity and anger in the moment this image was captured.

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