Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3255: Donald Trump and a Body Language Signal of Social Fear and Hesitancy (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump was interviewed by Anderson Cooper yesterday. In this segment he continues to press the republican candidate regarding the idea of asking God for forgiveness. At 0:47 the reporter rephrases his question, "But the idea of asking for forgiveness, that's not a - is that a central tenet for you?"

Before Mr. Cooper had finish asking his question, Mr. Trump displayed a classic nonverbal facial cluster. He pulls the corners of his mouth out (laterally) and downward. Simultaneous he juts his jaw out quite far as he audibly inhales with a hissing sound. This lasts for about 2 seconds. During the beginning of this expression cycle, Trump also displays a prolonged blink with mid-facial tension.

This evanescent cluster of facial changes is indicative of social-fear and hesitancy. It's not an expression of physical danger fear - but the type of trepidation where a person feels they must tread delicately for fear they will suffer significant social repercussions.

There were a multitude of other body language signals displayed during this interview. This was just one moment - yet a very telling one. Trump shows us an Achilles' heel. He reveals his vulnerability to the subject of religion - and more specifically his feelings regarding God. He also fears this weakness will cost him the republican nomination. His opponents should seize on this moment and hit him hard here.

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