Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3240: Ariana Grande - Tongues, New Boyfriend, Donuts ... & Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Ariana Grande is in the news and most probably will soon be in the courtroom. The singer was caught on video licking doughnuts which weren't hers and didn't purchase (at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California). She also professed to hate America and Americans.

The incident provides some interesting nonverbal teaching examples. What follows is a partial analysis.


Ariana's first licking the of a donut


Mr. new boyfriend follows suit in what is a criminal act of nonverbal mirroring his singer-starlet-significant other.


Ariana's second licking of the donut

Onlooker/friend (red & green shirt) spots Ariana's faux pas

Friend's eyebrows and forehead elevate and his mouth opens indicative of a facial expression of surprise.

The friend puts his hands on back of head (0:32). In nonverbal parlance this is but one example of an MAP (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier). Most (but not all) MAPs are indicators of significant anxiety - as is this "bilateral behind the head grasp". Yet more specifically in this context this nonverbal signals to us that he is emotionally processing what has transpired. Said another way - his intellect knows what has happen, but his emotional brain has yet to wrap fully around it. Moreover we can say that he doesn't approve of Ariana's action. He believes she is wrong and is embarrassed - despite his friend's fame.

This telling nonverbal may or not involve a full clasping of the hands and it's more often is seen in a partial form expressed with only one hand.


Ariana's third donut licking

Onlooker/friend in colored shirt with his inner eyebrows elevated along with an elevated central forehead contraction and a mild pseudo-mouth smile. In this cluster context this nonverbal sign projects disbelief/incredulity.


As he begins to clasp the back of his heads again, the onlooker performs a false hair adjust. This MAP can be seen in isolation or progressing to the grabbing to the back of his head.


Here the false hair adjust has progressed to holding the back of the head once again.

Ariana Grande's fans find out she has a new boyfriend as they kiss twice during the 0:47 and 0:48 segments.

This additional key nonverbal is seen during 0:54 - 0:56 with the encroachment into their respective personal spaces (intimate spaces) seen in conjunction with a whisper. These two actions are often linked and signal a significant level of affection. If we saw this close proximity whisper alone (without the kisses) it would be have strongly signaled their intimacy.

Ms. Grande curses and makes some rather anti-patriotic comments (0:57 - 1:02):

"What the f_ck is that? - I hate Americans. I hate America." spoken as the donut shop employee comes to their service.

Once again the onlooker assumes his familiar position together with a downward gaze (1:04). He also heavily blushes beginning at 0:54. This onlooker/friend is embarrassed for Ms. Grande. He also believes that Ariana has probably been caught. He was correct.

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