Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3257: Donald Trump at the Texas-Mexico Border - Body Language of a Hyper-Alpha (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump jetted to the Texas-Mexico border on Thursday. The republican candidate who's leading most of the polls appeared in this video with the Mayor and the City Manager of Laredo.

It's of course common knowledge that Mr. Trump more than any other candidate - republican or democrat - spouts dramatic and aggressive language. What many don't realize however, is that his body language is also more invasive and provocative. Verbal and the nonverbal signals are intertwined. Assertive and hyper-assertive verbal language are linked to alpha and hyper-alpha body language. Passive and demure verbal language are also yoked with beta body language. The trick is (most of the time) to strike a happy medium. There are times of course, when projecting dominance and strength are important - but (surprise) Donald (way) over-does it.

What follows are five nonverbal hand-arm displays (Illustrators and one [Self-Pointing] sometimes also transitions to a MAP [Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier]) which are all common in political candidates (and other hyper-alpha personalities). These are much more plentiful (in the political context) prior to primaries - when republicans are running to the right and democrats are leaping left. After the primaries though, the nonverbal (and verbal) language is nearly always less extreme.

The "Dominant Spider"

This is much more common in males and is extremely frequent in those with narcissistic personality disorder.

"Palms Forward"

A refuting and dismissive illustrator

Much more common in those with impulse control problems

"Palms Down" illustrator

When the fingers are separated - the palms down is less alpha vs. when the fingers are together.

Depending on the frequency and context, "Self-Pointing" may of course be indicative of self-deprecating emotions and messages. Trump however is using the self-point in a braggadocio manner here. During this press conference (during 4:53 - 4:54), he even refers to himself in the third person. In most scenarios, frequent self-pointing is highly correlative with narcissism.

Of the five examples shown here, the "Hand Chop" is the most frequently seen illustrator among alpha personalities - and there's certainly no exceptions when it comes to politicians (the palms down is a close second).

It's important to show strength, confidence and assertiveness yet without being hyper-aggressive, arrogant and condescending. Hyper-alpha body language will polarize. Those who already agree with you will be drawn towards your cause. All others will run in another direction.

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