Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3248: Daniel Radcliffe Temps as a Receptionist at Nylon - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Daniel Radcliffe (forever Harry Potter for many) "sat in" as the receptionist at a Nylon (the Magazine) office recently. Reportedly, all but a couple of the staff was unaware. What ensued was hilarious - and also provides for us a fantastic set of body language teaching examples. Below is a partial nonverbal analysis.

A beautiful display of an "Eyebrow Flash" is seen at 0:24 during a suppressed smile. After the eyebrow flash - his smile becomes less suppressed (more expressed) and then he says "hi".

Eyebrow flashes typically occur during  the initial microseconds of a "greeting smile" and commonly before a verbal salutation is used. When this nonverbal is displayed it facilitates rapport and projection of sincerity. Those who use eyebrow flashes are felt to be friendlier - while those who don't are viewed as less friendly, more distant, sometimes aloof and less sincere.

The first in this video to recognize Radcliffe, this woman says, "Pleased to meet you" followed by,
"You have great hair" - as she positions her elbow on the counter and her closed hand on her chin.

This woman did not rest her head on her hand because she was tired or bored (although it can indeed indicate these emotional states when clustered with other signals). She was simultaneously projecting a sincere smile and paid Mr. Radcliffe an enthusiastic compliment.

This is a version of a "Facial Platter". She was smitten (do you see her blushing as well?) and was outright flirting with the boy from 4 Privet Drive.

After realizing the identity of the receptionist, this gentleman suddenly turned away his head/neck along with a partial turn of his torso.

This was an example of a signal of emotional processing.  His body language is saying, "My intellect knows this is Daniel Radcliffe, but emotionally I can't quite believe he's sitting here.

Another and much more common body language example of emotional processing is seen a few seconds later at 1:05 - with a display of mouth-nose covering (variations may occur such as only mouth covering, whole face covering, bilateral eye covering, etc.). There is considerable blushing on this woman's face. Without a doubt her sincerity and empathy are higher compared with most people. Moreover we can state with a high degree of confidence she cries more than most others during sad movies, she is NOT an only child and she loves animals (very probably she's a dog-lover).

This is a second and more typical example of a "facial platter". She too is flirting - but this is happening after this woman has had a bit longer to acclimate to the presence of a celebrity. She is more relaxed than the similar body language of the woman shown above - yet of course not completely so.

This woman (Serena) did not recognize Daniel. In trying to fulfill his receptionist duties, he stands up and calls for Lauren's assistance. When Mr. Radcliffe then asks Serena her name - he displays a "Pseudoprayer" gesture. This illustrator is a form of pointing and should almost never be used. More specifically for it projects a patronizing emotional tone (Although here Radcliffe uses it very briefly so its effect is minimized [typically it is displayed for longer durations]. In addition, his other nonverbal signs and his vocal qualities are not as harsh). Collectively this cluster of behavior signals to us that Daniel was either in somewhat of a panic - and while not yet losing his cool - or for a second, he was slipping into an emotional tone consistent with, "I'm an alpha and you're a beta".

Another man (singer Joe Jonas) walks in and says he's got a meeting with Marissa. During 3:27 - 3:29 he says, "... I'm runnin' late anyway, so I guess it's technically my fault.

What key nonverbal is seen just after he says, "fault"?

In this instant (3:37) Radcliffe the receptionist walks away from his desk as he attempts to find Marissa.

Although this view is a magnified and of low resolution view, we can clearly see tension in his mustache area as well as flaring of his nostrils (nostril) and a jaw jut. Daniel is angry in this moment.

Just after this Joe Jonas says, "This new guy sucks" - we see him display a classic "Tongue in Cheek" nonverbal (3:40). The tongue in cheek can have several meanings depending on the other signals with which it is clustered - deception, alpha dominance, sexual provocativeness, anger, sadness, grief, or I got you/I just won.

Which of these emotional contexts apply here? What other nonverbal signals help differentiate the meaning of this tongue in cheek display? Was Joe Jonas participating in a prank or was his appointment with Marissa a true one? Did Daniel Radcliffe know this was Joe Jonas?

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