Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3019: Bill Cosby, Rape Allegations, AP Interview - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by a number of women - and two more have come forward just this week (Joan Tarshis and Janice Dickinson). The descriptions of alleged sexual assaults which these women recount are all strikingly similar.

The above video is the very end of an interview conducted by the Associated Press on 7 November 2014 in Washington, D.C. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis.

Cosby's tight, forward-directed lip-purse is highly indicative of anger as well as clandestine disagreement and/or clandestine planning. Here he also believes he is THE "alpha-dog" in the room.

Cosby's dramatic, bilateral, nostril-flaring is also indicative of a heavy component of disgust in this moment (1:24).

This image captures a greater level of anger manifested primarily by Cosby's clenched and forward thrusting jaw (what else here indicates anger?).

Disgust is also present in this moment, but less prominently than the photo above.

Cosby projects emotional dissonance several times during this interview. Here (1:55) he displays a low conventional steeple - yet also using it as a variation of a fig leaf (genital guarding).

A conventional steeple, when used sparingly (for a second or two at very strategic times, essentially choreographed) will project authority and well-measured alpha qualities. Most of those who use this (and other) dominant nonverbal(s) - excessively over use them - and Cosby is guilty of doing so during this video. Thus he projects arrogance rather than confidence. Yet, simultaneously he is covering his privates with his hands - in what is a variation of a sitting fig-leaf (aka sitting genital guarding) - telling us of a competing low confidence and beta emotion. These two emotions are competing - the alpha, actor, proud and offended - and another side of him that feels demure, beta, in need of protection and a lot less sure of himself.

At this moment (2:06) when a woman off-camera says something, his emotional tone changes (confrontational) as he says, "Ma'am?" - yet notice his hands. They have re-configured into a more protective and beta nonverbal - not only a hand-holding and even more demure pose, but his hands have moved in, closer to his groin. This moment is very telling. Crosby felt considerably threatened here.

At 2:44 when he speaks about the Associated Press, and why "we" didn't tell them that certain questions were off-limits, he not only makes another conventional steeple - but it is a high one (held higher up, here in front of his upper chest) - which amplifies his patronizing and condescending emotional tone. Moreover, he makes a chopping motion with this high-steeple - which signifies an over-the-top arrogance level. Hand chopping in the moments of refuting an accusation is highly consistent with deception.

Note Cosby's use of "we" - which is an example distancing language. Cosby also invoked others' "integrity" three times - twice directed at the interviewer and once toward AP. His vocal qualities and several other word choices were also highly consistent deception as well as an arrogant emotional tone.

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