Friday, November 28, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3026: Michael Bublé Brings a Fan (Sam Hollyman) on Stage to Sing (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This video is from back in 2010 and it's fantastic. Even if you've seen it before, it's worth another look. Paula Hollyman gave us all a lesson in the act of asking for the things you really want - and to courage to do so. She succeeded in convincing Michael Bublé to bring her son, Sam Hollyman, on stage. Once given his chance he sang amazingly well - which has helped to launch his career.

Below is a partial body language analysis of a few key moments of the video above.

During the 1:27 mark - just as Michael Bublé hears Sam Hollyman begin to sing, Bublé displays a very brief expression of sincere disbelief (an example of a microexpression). This moment represents a few fractions of seconds of emotional-intellectual disconnect where Bublé does not believe his own ears. His incredulity is primarily expressed here by his central eyebrows elevating. His mouth is already beginning to transition to the next emotion - that of surprise

A few fractions of a second later - Michael Bublé's face expresses sincere surprise - also the most evanescent of any emotion. Note there are no teeth visible during the instant of sincere, significant surprise crescendo. The entire width of his entire forehead is not yet fully contracted - but perhaps 60 to 70% so. Because he is rapidly transitioning to the next emotion (sincere joy-happiness), Bublé's eyes are beginning to partially close. 

A few seconds later we see Bublé expressing a classic and full expression of sincere joy-happiness (Duchenne Smile) with a relaxed forehead, partially closed eyelids, a dynamic, concave-up furrow in his lower eyelids, his cheeks contracted primarily upwards and only his upper teeth visible.

This series of rapidly successive moments are an excellent example of microexpressions and the phenomenon of fast emotional flux seen in the everyday world.

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