Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3009: Vladimir Putin, Chivalry and China's first lady Peng Liyuan (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Vladimir Putin got himself in a different type of hot water. While attending ceremonies at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Beijing earlier today, acting in a manner that most would consider chivalrous, he offered a shawl or blanket to China's First Lady, Peng Liyuan which immediately caught the attention of her husband, Xi Jinping and Barack Obama. Things seemed to be going well .... for about 3.1 seconds, until another man (presumably on her staff) replaced it with a coat.

Coverage of this event (above) was shown on many television news stations in China as well as posted on their websites - yet the Images and videos of this moment were quickly removed by Chinese censors and deleted on social media site.

In the image below, the moment after Peng Liyuan dons her coat, Vladimir Putin has an expression on his face indicating primarily regret-frustration with a minor component of anger along with some disbelief. His expression reveals he is thinking-feeling, "I shouldn't have done that, yet I was just trying to be a gentleman. How can anyone fault me for that?"

What other very telling nonverbal tells do you see in these images and video?

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