Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3025: Vladimir Putin, Alpha Hand Signals and "The Claw" (PHOTOS)

This image of Vladimir Putin was taken several months ago just after Russia's annexation of Crimea. Here we see great examples of two nonverbal illustrators. The Russian President's right hand is formed in what is known as "The Claw" - his hand held up with fingers forward as if he were a raptor about to grab his prey with talons. This is a considerably alpha body language illustrator - and as with most alpha nonverbal signals - if used too often, for too long a duration or out of context - it rapidly becomes hyper-alpha. Note Vladimir's face - particularly his mouth and mid-face - they are contracted - displaying considerable tension. Aggressive hand signals are very often accompanied by simultaneous or nearly simultaneous facial tension. The hands mirror the face.

Mr. Putin's left hand is held out far from his torso and forward. His palm is directed downward and it's grasping the side of the lectern. This cluster is also an alpha body language configuration - though a good amount less than "The Claw" - so it can be held for longer duration and has less chance of "back-firing with too much alpha".

Politicians will virtually always use an excessive amount of alpha body language when speaking to audiences which already share their views and/or when they are trying to engender enthusiasm - and Vladimir Putin is certainly no stranger to such scenarios.

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