Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3023: High Heels and Their Ability to Influencing Men's Decision Making (PHOTO)

While this may come as no surprise to some, there is a very strong and direct relationship to the height of a woman's heel and her ability to influence a man's decision. While wearing heels is not magic - but it would seem that it's nearly so. Statistically, a woman wearing 2 inch heels (~5.1 cm) has a 50% greater ability to influence a man compared with another who is wearing flats - AND 4 inch heels (~ 10.2 cm) DOUBLES her ability to win-over a man's thinking. This relationship is more prominent at their first meeting and early in any business or professional scenario - and diminishes somewhat with familiarity.

Thus although it may not be healthy for the back, knees, hips or feet - any female attorney or salesperson and certainly women in many other professions - give themselves a huge professional advantage by wearing heels. This is profound leverage ladies!

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