Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3027: Janay Rice interview on "Today" regarding Ray Rice's Assault (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Janay Rice was interview by Matt Lauer of NBC's "Today" yesterday - and while the bulk of the interview will be aired on Monday and Tuesday, a teaser-video has been released (above).

Throughout much of this short segment, Janay Rice exhibits a partially suppressed smile. Multiple examples of these moments are captured in the images below, although they are best viewed via the dynamics of the video.

Smiling out of context is always a red flag. Many times it's something insignificant - such as hiding a joke in a socially awkward or unacceptable scenario. Yet in this setting, when she is talking about her husband/then boyfriend (Ray Rice, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens) assaulting her (infamously captured on video) - smiling, even a suppressed smile in such a context sends signals of emotional disparity - and here this disconnect is extreme. The added situation of being interviewed on national television - in an incident which has helped raised the public's consciousness of violence towards women - is even more profound.

When concealing a lie, a partially suppressed smile out of emotional context is a form of what is known as "duping delight". It is highly probable that Janay Rice is withholding information (a lie of omission) or fabricating-lying.

What are some other possible and highly significant nonverbal interpretation here (one in particular)? How can you differentiate these nonverbal diagnoses?

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