Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3028: Chris Rock's (and other Comedians) Body Language Trick that Gets You Laughing Easier (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Chris Rock (and many other comedians) employ a nonverbal trick that makes it much easier for their audiences to laugh. He maintains a near-constant suppressed smile/near laughter expression. When it is within social context (and even sometimes when it is not) - seeing another person with an expression of suppressed smile/laughter alone elevates the mood of most everyone who see it. Human beings also strongly tend to mirror facial expressions of other people - which, in this context, further pushes us into a joy-laughter emotional state. Such suppressed smiles usually have a significant unilateral configuration. Few pull this off better than Chris Rock.

Maintaining such an expression also has a positive emotional feed-back effect on the person displaying the expression. Those who can reliably reproduce this nonverbal sign have at their disposal the best, built-in mood elevator in existence.

Are Rock's expression a sincere suppressed smile or an insincere one? If there are other emotions present - what are they (and their specific nonverbal tells)?

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Mouth-closed suppressed smile


Mouth-open partially suppressed smile