Monday, November 3, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3002: How NOT to sit in the Oval Office - Mitch McConnell ... your Beta is Showing (PHOTO)

Mitch McConnell (R - KY) is poised to snatch the Senate Majority Leader position away from Harry Reid if the mid-term elections favor the republicans tomorrow as many pundits and poles are predicting.

The above image was captured recently in the oval office. From a nonverbal perspective, Mitch McConnell, seated here with John Boehner and Barack Obama, is displaying a variation of a "Seated Fig-Leaf". The body language of a good leader - political or otherwise, projects assertiveness and strength - and a person who is emotionally comfortable. However the Kentucky Senator is transmitting none of these qualities here. In this moment McConnell is feeling intimidated and demure. Such a configuration should never be displayed by any leader unless perhaps meeting with a major religious figure or attending a similar ceremony, funeral, etc. By bearing his beta emotions to President, he projects emotional weakness and places himself and himself at a profound political disadvantage.

Although this photo does not give us an optimal viewing angle, along with the primary components of a fig-leaf (hands clasped or nearly-so over the groin, though here Sen. McConnell seems he is perhaps trying, unsuccessfully so, to project a low conventional steeple), his feet are too close together, his upper arms are touching his torso, his shoulders are hunched and neck foreshortened. This nonverbal cluster shouts "I feel weak".

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