Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2894: Maria Kirilenko, Alex Ovechkin and Subtle Body Language of .... (PHOTOS)

Maria Kirilenko has called off her engagement to Alex Ovechkin. Although in this image, the Russian tennis professional may not be directing it at her then Hockey Player (Captain of the Washington Capitals) fiancé - she is feeling anger. Note that her eyes and face are not directly facing the object of her anger. When we do not like, do not respect or do not trust another - we tend to not direct our feet, our torso, our head or our eyes directly at them.

Ms. Kirilenko's jaw is clenched and simultaneously slightly jutting forward (ergo "Jaw Jut") - both nonverbal signals of anger.

Maria's mouth is foreshortened as her lips are thinned - particularly her upper lip. These signs are also significant for anger.

The area above Kirilenko's upper lip and her nose (termed the "mustache area" in both genders) is contracted and tense. This tension co-exists with nostril flaring.

What other very slight signals of anger are seen on Ms. Kirilenko's face?

Maria's face does not have a full expression of anger. There are other components of this emotion which are not present here. Moreover, nonverbal signals of all emotions may exist for fractions of a second (microexpressions). These subtleties of both proportion and time are only two reasons why many don't see emotions displayed right in front of them - and thus suffer their ramifications. How many emotional displays have gone unseen by you this week?

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