Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2870: Cate Blanchett and a Subtle Body Language Signal of Insincere Laughter (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

She is one the most gifted actors of her generation. Here Lesley Stahl interviews Cate Blanchett on "60 Minutes". And although she is amazingly talented, when being herself .... and not Queen Elizabeth I, Bob Dylan or Galadriel - she gives away an amazing amount of nonverbal tells (like the rest of us).

This image, captured during 11:40, shows Cate's jaw jutting forward during a laugh. This is a strong and reliable body language signal that Ms. Blanchett was not sincere in her laughter. She was feeling anger her and was camouflaging it and dampening it with laughter.

This is a particularly important principle and it's rarely discussed in the nonverbal literature. Very often though - one form of body language is used to disguise another. Most people - particularly in the context of an interview which such an amazing actress - would never doubt Cate's laughter or question her true feelings.  The more adept you are at sussing out these signals, the less you will suffer in business and your personal life.

A few seconds earlier (beginning at 11:32), Lesley Stahl says, "You're 44 years-old."

Blanchett responds, "Am I? We don't need to discuss that, we don't need to rub that in ...."

At three times during this statement we also saw the jaw jut displayed (coincident with words highlighted in red), Cate's chin juts forward.

Loads of other body language signals are leaked by Ms. Blanchett. Did the Oscar winning actress fool you?

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