Friday, July 4, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2874: Truck Driver Calls Out Cop for Speeding and Talking on Cell Phone (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A few days ago an Illinois State Trooper pulled over a truck driver for unlawful use of his horn - and clearly state that he's going to get a ticker for doing so (beginning at 1:06). Most of this encounter with the police officer is caught on video (which the driver has posted on YouTube and it's gone viral).

Early in the encounter the Trucker informs the officer that he is videoing the event (1:11) - and the officer says he's also doing so. Below is a partial body language analysis of the state trooper.

Emotional tone at 2:25, just as he says, "... I looked at your record ....", the officer displays a classic nonverbal expression of fear - both in the mouth and on his neck.

Expression at 2:31 just after he says, " .... so I didn't write you a ticket ..."

More "mouth of fear" and "neck of fear". Also his eyes are congruent with this emotion as his lids are opened wider.

At 2:35 he displays more fear, just after he says, "... I didn't want to - I didn't want to hurt your record ..."

A classic microexpression of regret is displayed at 2:36

At 3:06 another great example of a fear mouth is seen as he says, "... you saw me speeding ..."

3:25 an pout-agreement expression highly consistent with beta emotional tone and acquiescence.

This officer was in fear that he said something wrong or did something wrong and that it was captured on video. It is possible that he also has trepidation regarding his own internal affairs department or his relationship with them.

The trooper also has multiple examples of statement analysis consistent with his belief that his conduct was in error. How many did you note? Statement analysis (language analysis) coupled with experienced body language analysis are extremely reliable tools when evaluating for truth vs. deception and sincerity vs. insincerity. 

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