Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2888: Hillary Clinton, Jon Stewart and Destroying Rapport (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

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Hillary Clinton was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday. By now there can be no doubt that she will run for President in 2016.

Critics and supporters alike have pointed out Hillary has had some difficulty at times bonding with her audiences. In the 2008 campaign, her numbers in the polls rose significantly when she projected high sincerity - and thus bonded with her audience.

There are many body language signals which build rapport - and many that destroy it. The former Secretary of State displays several nonverbal rapport destroyers in the video above - two of which are captured in images and described below.

Although she has a suppressed smile, here Hillary Clinton shows us emotional dissonance - for her hands are configured in a partial (near) "Double-L".

She is making a strong effort, yet is unable to suppress this display of critical evaluation for Jon Stewart.

Although she only does so relatively briefly, the conventional steeple (here a fairly high one) should almost never be used by a President or a Presidential Candidate - or anyone who professes to be a leader.

In small doses, the conventional steeple can project confidence and an alpha emotional tone. But it must be very evanescent and choreographed to specific and important moments - lest it project hyper-alpha emotional tones, arrogance and a patronizing attitude. Most people who use it - overuse it - and thus push those away whom they are attempting to influence.

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