Friday, July 18, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2889: Bashar al-Assad takes his Oath of Office (again) - Body Language Signals of Low Confidence and ... (PHOTOS)

This past week, Bashar al-Assad has once again taken his oath of office as President to serve the people of Syria. Yet something is amiss in Damascus - and we detect what it is and with great certainty from the hints in this photo.

Al-Assad is the man standing behind the lectern in this picture. Note how close his feet are together (note the man to his right has his feet further apart). In this context (and in the vast majority of them) a confident leader should never stand with his feet so close together. Take a break from reading this post now and stand with your feet close together as he is doing - and then stand with them about a shoulder's width apart. Switch back and forth a few times and notice how your confidence changes. Al-Assad has low confidence and feels low emotional comfort. He is faking it. He's pretending to be alpha - yet his true emotions are beta. He is worried about his ability to lead.

Disparities between what people profess and what they are really thinking-feeling are of paramount importance. How many dozen of these incongruities have slipped by you this week?

What other immediate emotional and cognitive benefits immediately result from standing with your feet in a shoulder's width stance?

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