Friday, July 25, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2896: Hillary Clinton - Vladimir Putin Bears Some Responsibility for the Downing of Malaysia Air Flight MH17 (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Here Mrs. Clinton (clearly showing her desires for 2016) tells Fareed Zakaria and the rest of World that she believes Vladimir Putin bears at least some of the responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airline MH17 by Pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

When any leader - (political or otherwise) is speaking (to one or to millions) they should be very aware of their nonverbal signals - yet most are considerably unaware. Some of these signs are very alpha, and others are considerably beta - while some are a good blend (These are known as alpha-beta hybrids).  

Alpha body language projects strength, leadership and assertiveness. Beta body language sends signals of low emotional comfort, submissiveness and acquiescence. Many "leaders" who use alpha nonverbals tend to over-use them - and thus transmit arrogance and condescending feelings. Others of course use beta signals too dramatically or frequently (or just at the wrong time) and therefore show their Achilles heels'.

One solution to this conundrum is to become very aware of one's body language and to never be too alpha or too beta - in either magnitude or frequency. Another way of approaching this problem is by utilizing what is rarely spoken about and yet extremely effective - "Alpha-Beta Hybrids" - two of which are discussed below.

At first glance these illustrators may look close to identical - however when you take the time to view the video you will see that they're considerably different in their dynamics

Towards the end of this segment (approximately 0:49 - 0:52) Hillary Clinton displays a "Basketball steeple". It is named this because it's as if the person is holding an invisible basketball. Here, the former U.S. Secretary of State has her hands configured somewhat closer together (as if she was holding a large grapefruit instead). When seated, many will use this and other nonverbals with less amplitude.

The basketball steeple is a fantastic example of an alpha-beta hybrid -for it projects assertiveness, strength and decisiveness - without being patronizing or arrogant.

A few seconds later (during 0:52 - 1:01), Mrs. Clinton changes her hand position to the "Advancing Fortress". This usually is seen with fingers closed together and the tips of the hands pointed towards each other. There is nearly always an up-and-down motion to the hands and arms (which move in unison) as they advance forward (away from the speaker and towards the other person/audience.

Although the advancing fortress is an outstanding alpha-beta hybrid, it is seen even less frequently than the basketball steeple.

What other nonverbals in this video does the 2016 Presidential hopeful demonstrate which convey classic beta body language? What are some pure-alphas (non hybrids)?

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