Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2879: Barack Obama, Governor Rick Perry and the Crisis at the Southern Border (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Barack Obama visited Texas today to address the crisis at the border as well as the larger issue of overall immigration reform. President Obama met with Governor Rick Perry - since of course this problem puts a burden on the state he governs.

During the 1:54 - 1:56 segment in the above video (captured in images below), President Obama scratches five times behind his left ear (in such a scenario, people nearly always scratch/rub on the bony prominence there called the mastoid process) with his left index finger (forefinger). Many people falsely believe this signal as a nonverbal indicator of deception - yet it's not. However this behind the ear scratch is a very reliable indicator of anxiety.

As odd it may sound to some, scratching/rubbing/touching anywhere on the external ear itself (pinna) such as the earlobe or twisting a finger in the external ear canal (external auditory meatus) or just in front of or just below the ear in concert with a declarative statement or in when answering a question - is consistent with a lie. The President is not lying here though.

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