Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2901: Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up - Body Language of Sincere Affection (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This is an adorable and very viral video of a little girl (Sadie) expressing her wishes not wanting her younger brother to grow up.

While there are few who would doubt this little girl's love and affection for her little brother - this video and interaction serves to illustrate some high sincerity, nonverbal affection signals. 

A kiss planted on the eyelid, eyebrow, forehead above the eye or the top of the head - are all excellent body language signals of high affection and high sincerity.

Here Sadie kisses her little brother on just above his right forehead.

Touching the necklace, the sternum, the manubrium or the lower throat are strong signals of anxiety and in this context it also indicates a high sincerity quotient

Touching one's eye to another person's eye, brow or forehead is indicative of both extremely high affection and sincerity.

One of the reasons this video when viral - probably THE PRIMARY reason - is that we all want to see (and of course - to give and receive) sincere affection. It is too rarely displayed. Children haven't yet adopted the filters that most adults would do well to abandon. Every human being craves affection. Thank you young Sadie for your example. 

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