Monday, March 17, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2754: Einstein, Gravity Waves, The Big Bang and Body Language (PHOTOS)

Today a monumental discovery was announced which both helps to confirm the occurrence of "The Big Bang" roughly 13.798 Billion years ago - as well as the existence of "Gravitational Waves" and supports the possibility of the Multiverse. Such gravity waves (which are truly ripples in space-time) were first predicted 98 years ago by Albert Einstein as part of his General Theory of Relativity. Physicists have been searching for their proof ever since.

As a tribute to one of the great imaginations of history, this post is dedicated to Uncle Al.

Depending on the other nonverbals present, a Tongue Jut may indicate either: an act of self-deprecation, excitement, "I've been bad", "I just got caught", "I've done a foolish thing", "I've got away with something". 

Which of these apply to Dr. Einstein in the image above?

Armpit Exposed

Men primarily display this body language when they are feeling very alpha as well as significant emotional comfort.

Armpit exposure can be indicative of other emotions depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered. 


The former Princeton Professor is displaying mild contempt in this moment. 

A Suppressed sincere smile with a component of contempt

Components of dismissiveness, smugness and some waning elements of a sincere smile (although not purely sincere) as if to say "Yeah, I told you so."

In this moment, Professor Einstein is feeling apprehensiveness and regret

Here we see a partially suppressed sincere smile with the necessary components of a relaxed (relaxed, non-contracted) forehead, concave up furrows present in each lower eyelid, upward directed cheek muscle contraction with corners of Albert's mouth directed primarily upward.

Sincere laughter of significant magnitude will like a sincere smile have a component of eyelid closure.

The more extreme the laughter, the greater the eyelid closure.

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