Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2761: What Specific Dance Qualities makes a Hetero Man Attractive to Women? The Body Language of Dancing (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Good news for the men of the World - romance, dating and flirtation just got a bit easier. You no longer have to be a finalist on "Dancing with the Stars" or have the "Dirty Dancing" moves of Patrick Swayze to help you woo women. Researchers Dr. Nick Neave and Kristofor McCarty of Northumbria University have for the first time elicited the body language characteristics of a man's dancing which attracts women.

The researchers filmed various heterosexual men dancing to a basic drum rhythm using advanced motion capture cameras as well as bio-mechanical analysis. Their images were then converted to avatars in order to control for other attraction variables. These men were also evaluated for upper and lower body strength and vascular fitness. Heterosexual women and men where then shown the avatar videos and asked to assess for dance quality.

It turns out that both arm movements and hand-grip strength of the dancers were significant predictors of the qualities of dance - by both heterosexual men and women (e.g. The better the hand-grip strength and arm movements - the higher their dancing was rated). Thus heterosexual men are able to gauge the strength and virility of their competition by evaluating their rivals' dancing.

Women rated men better dancers if they made larger and more varied movements of their neck, torso and abdomen. Those with a variation in movements of the wrists and left shoulder as well as fast movements of the right knee were also consistently rated as better dancers.

Men who had extreme movements of the arms - or those who kept their arms close to their torso as well as their legs closer together - were rated by women as poorer dancers.

In conclusion, heterosexual women have a natural nonverbal ability to predict men's potential as sexual partners in addition to arm strength of heterosexual males simply by assessing their dancing. Heterosexual men will use a similar skill to size-up the physical strength of potential rivals.

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Good Dancer:

Variation of Neck, Torso & Abdomen

Fast and variable movement of the right knee

Good Dancer:

Variation of Left Shoulder
and (not pictured) wrists

Variation of neck, torso and abdomen

Bad Dancer:

Arms too close to torso
Feet too close together

Bad Dancer:

Extreme Arm Movements