Monday, March 24, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2762: Pepsi Max's "Unbelievable" Bus Shelter Video - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Pepsi rigged up a bus shelter recently and pulled a series of pranks on some innocent Londoners. This project was very creative and the resulting video (above) is a good source of laughter. It's also some pretty good marketing for Pepsi Max "Unbelievable" - as it has gone viral. The video is included here for it is a great source of some nonverbal signals.

When feeling the emotion of fear, one body language display that is extremely common for both men and women - is the clutching of their sternum and manubrium while simultaneously closing a coat or shirt.

This woman's eyelids are also mildly elevated. 

What else signifies fear in this moment?

The moment before this image, this guy eyes displayed a beautiful example of a "double take" (see video during 0:32).

In this instant he displays his disbelief with an elevated left eyebrow (relative to his right side).

An instant later his eyelids open wider in a subtle yet significant display of fear. 

This gentleman's central forehead is contracted (CFC) in addition to a very mild fear expression displayed on his mouth.

He begins to pull his phone away from his ear as his psyche attempts to process what he's seeing. 

Somewhat similar to the image above this guy displays mild-to-moderately higher component of fear on his mouth.

His left eye in particular is opened extra-widely in fear. 

A fraction of a second later (and through the bus windshield) his fear becomes greater as the corners of his mouth are directed further downward as his left eye opens even wider.

This man is displaying the body language of sincere and full laughter. It is similar to that of a sincere smile with the exception of one component - his bottom teeth are displayed (with some minor exceptions, this is not so with a sincere smile).

Note also the concave-up dynamic furrows of his lower eyelids, his upward directed cheek muscles and his relaxed (non-contracted and smooth forehead).

This man knows that the bus shelter is rigged - and yet he cannot resist getting to his feet when his brainstem directs him to ... as it attempts to react in a flight response as a Bengal tiger coming towards him (Thus an example of emotional dissonance).

Pay attention to a person's feet - they often are the most telling components to a quality nonverbal interpretation. 

After figuring out the trick and dancing for the camera - this woman grows rapidly embarrassed.

Rapid mouth cover with blushing and laughter is highly consistent with embarrassment. It also can be seen with a partially suppressed or fully sincere smile.

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