Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2739: Barack Obama at DNC Speech - Quieting a Heckler (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The above video shows Barack Obama in the recent (28 February 2014) Democratic National Committee event handling a heckler. The following is a partial analysis of the President's Body Language.

0:12 seconds

The President's Chin-up configuration is not that of arrogance (lacks other coexisting nonverbals) - rather it signals an acknowledgement of the heckler.

0:14 seconds

This is a melodramatic and feigned display of a "What the ____?" expression.

What are the clues that this nonverbal cluster is insincere?

0:16 seconds

This may look like contempt to some body language beginners. However it's not - rather it's mouth swagger; an expression of bravo.

0:18 seconds

The President tilts his head down and towards the heckler. This is a slightly subtle patronizing and reprimanding nonverbal.

0:19 seconds

This is a more dramatic progression of the cluster present in the image immediately above - patronizing and reprimanding times two. (0:18)

0:24 seconds

The President is displaying a very brief "Tongue in Cheek" expression.

In this cluster-context, this tongue in cheek indicates "I gotcha" or "I just won".

Like all body langauge, the meaning can completely change depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered. Though none of the following emotions are present in this moment, the tongue in cheek can also indicate a projection of sexuality, sadness/grief, anger or even deception. Can you differentiate these from each other?

0:27 seconds

This is "False Disgust" - but how can you tell this emotion is being insincerely projected?

0:29 seconds (and following moments)

The President has all the components of a sincere smile of joy-happiness (Duchenne Smile). 

0:36 seconds

The President bites his bottom lip as his psyche tries to prevent his smile from escalating to laughter.

Barack Obama has won his dual with the heckler - and more importantly he's used it to help win over the crowd - and he knows it.

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