Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2750: Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp and Lies - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The trial of Oscar Pistorius for the Murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp continues. Yesterday Lt. Col. Vermeulen testified with regards to the cricket bat with which Pistorius used to break down the bathroom door. The prosecution is asserting that Pistorius did not have prostheses on - while the defense says the opposite is true. The following body language analysis does not state one or the other - however it is highly conclusive for considerable anxiety on the part of Lt. Col. Vermeulen during his testimony.

Moreover other nonverbal signals of Vermeulen's are highly consistent with lying.

At 1:03 we see a "False Tie Adjust".

As the prosecuting attorney is describing the position of the cricket bat on the door.

The false tie adjust is highly consistent with significant anxiety.

Nose rub No. 1 at 1:58 - 1:59

As he says, "... Approximately 1.85 meters ..."

Nose Rub No. 2 during 2:14 - 2:15

As the prosecuting attorney says, "Colonel just go back - and I want you to ...."

Nose Rub No. 3 at 2:43

Just as Vermeulen says, "My Lady, if I stand upright, ah, and I'm, 1.79 meters tall ..."

1.79 Meters = 5 foot, 10.5 inches

Most men lie about their height - in the social setting this is one thing - in court it is another.

Nose Rub No. 4 during 3:01 - 3:03

Just after Vermeulen said, "... it would have been a very uncomfortable, unnatural position [inaudible]."

Officer Vermeulen should not have this level of anxiety during testimony. He is not on trial - Pistorius is. Nose rubs (or touches, scratches) when oneself or another person are making declarative statements are highly correlative with deception or belief of deception. The person feels they are hearing deception - regardless of who is speaking. 

The third nose rub example is particularly useful and should be acted upon. Most men lie about their height - in the social setting this is one thing - in court however it is another. There is a high probably Vermeulen is telling a lie here. If his barefoot height is less than 1.79 meters, then:

     A. He is lying about his height
     B. This should call into question his other testimony in general context and discredit his expertise
          as a witness - e.g. liars lie.
     C. His nose rubs nonverbals shows us a particularly strong "norm" correlation with deception -
          indicating that other nose rubs are also indeed lies.

This body language alone does not indicate whether Oscar Pristorius is guilty or innocent of premeditation - it does however show that Lt. Col. Vermeulen is not being objective and is very  probably being deceptive. 

Lt. Col. Vermeulen - you have been measured (and normed) and found wanting ....

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