Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2738: LeBron James - Black Mask vs. Clear Mask, Body Language of Trust (PHOTOS)

LeBron James recently broke his nose and like all NBA players, he is wearing a protective face mask to protect it while it is healing. In the image above, he is pictured in the black mask which he wore in last night's game. Today the league formally asked him to switch to clear mask, and although he was not violating a rule, the Miami Heat star complied.

The less we see of a person, the less we trust them. This body language principle is particularly true when the face is covered. Depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered, it can also evoke fear. His appearance has evoked comparisons to Hannibal Lecter. And despite the fast pace of NBA play, the inability of the opposing players to see even subtle facial expressions gives him an unfair advantage (ergo comparisons to Kato and Batman) - although this is offset somewhat by his own teammates' diminished ability to see the same facial cues.

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