Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2748: Tatia Pilieva's Brilliant Video "First Kiss" - Body Language of Romance and Affection (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Tatia Pilieva's video has directed and produced a very viral video - "First Kiss". In it she asks 10 pairs of strangers to kiss. Of course the participants were willing participants and NOT on a date with a lecherous cad. Presumably they were not in relationships as well - and they of course open-minded and romantic personalities. After these hurdles were cleared it is very interesting to note that the typical initial levels of intimacy were bypassed and most truly seemed to develop an immediate level of affection.

In addition there was a multitude of specific body language moments - some of which are discussed below:

Man displaying an "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR) which indicates his subconsciously trying to suppress strong emotions (e.g. excitement, anxiety, some fear).

She configures both of her elbows laterally with her armpit exposed. In this nonverbal cluster-context, this is a very strong indicator of attraction and sexual readiness.

This bilateral display of facial touch to her cheeks indicates a high level of "emotional buy-in" and empathy. It also tells us that her emotional mind is trying to process what her intellect already knows - she's about to kiss a woman she is attracted to and yet just met.

One woman suggests, "Let's look into each other's eyes first" and her partner readily agrees.

Gazing into another person's eyes strongly incites feels of romance and emotional intimacy - as long as the other person does not harbor negative emotions.

One (or here both) hand(s) to the upper sternum (manubrium) is a very reliable indicator of anxiety as well as a high empathy quotient.

Her full palmar contact tells us her feelings are sincere.

Touching foreheads is a nonverbal normally reserved for those who have established levels of affection. It is not primarily - and in many settings never sexual.

This is a very profound point - acting affectionate (not sexual) can truly trigger affection.

This Hair Adjust Behind Ear (HABE) body language is but one example of a MAP Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier). The HABE show that she is trying to "Dial Up Her Alpha" qualities. She is trying to amp-up her assertiveness.

The use of her opposite arm/hand to undertake this maneuver indicates a higher level of anxiety compared vs. if it was performed with the limb on the same side. 

After their kiss, this couple disengages with a mirrored body language of hands behind their backs. It's as if to say, "I'm (politely) done with this and I can't believe we just did that!"


He has some anxiety and is trying to figure out if and/or how much she likes his kiss.

Her looking down and away, wrist holding indicates embarrassment while here inward lip roll shows us she's trying to suppress her very positive emotions.

Relaxed, bilateral eyelid closure, head and torso tilt and full palmar contact indicates they are drinking every ounce of good emotion out of the moment.

This is a moment of bliss.

Take home point reiterated: Acting affectionate (not sexual) can truly trigger sincere affection. 

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