Friday, December 14, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2229:
President Obama and a Body Language Signal of
Holding Back Grief, Tears & other Negative Emotions

My deepest condolences for the families and loved-ones of the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting tragedy.

In his address to the nation today, President Obama became emotional - and who among us wouldn't? For if tears are not shed for children and the innocent, what remains for which to cry? And while tears are easy signals of sadness to spot, there were other body language tells which were not so evident to most. At the 3:38 mark in the above video, the President displays an "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR). The inward lip roll is a nonverbal signal of anxiety and strong negative emotions - and more specifically the psyche's attempt to contain them from escalating. While the most common emotion being suppressed when an ILR is seen is anger - here Mr. Obama's grief and tears are being squelched. The ILR can also be seen just before, or in the initial stages of an act of physical exertion.

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