Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2216:
Senator Jim DeMint's Body Language -
Lip Purse, Suppressed Smile, Duping Delight & Retiring Early

Jim DeMint of South Carolina announced his retirement today - less than two years into his second Senate term. The Republican - a Tea Party favorite, has accepted the top position at the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation.

In the above image, Senator DeMint displays a cluster of several body language-facial displays. Though he shows no teeth, his smile is a sincere one. True Joy is present. Notable here is his bilateral partially closed eyelids with the concave-up furrows present in each lower lid. These particular eyelid findings are absolutely required for the smile to be sincere (along with his non-contracted, relaxed forehead). And yet, this smile is not so "cut-and-dry".

The South Carolinian's mouth is configured in what is known as a "Lip Purse". In short, a lip purse, is a signal of disagreement. Not just any disagreement though - a clandestine one. When this highly specific nonverbal is seen, the verbal message is often muted and softened compared to what is being felt & thought. Indeed, there may even be complete verbal agreement. When the lip purse is displayed though - there is either partial or full disagreement in the mind. The words are a ruse. The body language is where your attention should be. 

Simultaneously, this lip purse acts to contribute to a "Suppressed Smile" appearance - though not a typical one.

A lip purse is always made by someone who holds a relative alpha position. He or she, republican or democrat, right or wrong - believes, at least at for the moment, that they are holding the cards and that their plan will succeed and they have the means to make it work. They are telling you one thing, but be prepared - at least in part - for something(s) else.

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