Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2224:
Barack's Body Language
It's (NOT) good to be back in Michigan
President Obama Campaigns for Fiscal Cliff Resolution

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President Obama visited Michigan yesterday. His trip is highlighted in the above news segment showing Barack at a rally in Redford, MI. In it, he talks about the feared "Fiscal Cliff", ideas to circumvent financial chaos as well as compromise with Speaker Boehner and the Republicans.

During the 1:03 to 1:05 segment, the President says, "...It's good to be back in Michigan!" At this same time he scratches just in front of his right ear with his right index finger. Facial touching, rubbing, scratching in several key anatomical areas (and this is one) when making a declarative statement - or when answering a question are nonverbals highly consistent with deception and virtually always indicates anxiety. His tongue display at 1:06, just as the video cuts away, is a similar configuration an infant makes when he/she doesn't like the food just spooned in their mouth. This nonverbal "Tongue Push" in this cluster-context also is congruent with a lie.

Of course, we all display this (and other) body language signal when we lie.... democrats and republicans (which ones do you know?). The President just completed a grueling campaign - and the last thing he wants to do is be on the road. So his fabrication here is not necessarily directed at Michigan, it's people, or even "being back" there again - but is most probably reflects his emotional tone about having to travel in general and needing to campaign in an effort to avoid the fiscal cliff - something that he feels has a straight forward solution.

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