Monday, December 17, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2232: Vicki Soto, a Hero, Body Language and a Mother's Love & Affection - Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Interview (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

There are oodles of body language examples in this video (original video is no longer able to be embeded - however link to video is here and the image captured as well as the body language are discussed are below). To delineate them all would take pages. Focusing on one example, near the end of this segment, illustrates a very telling and poignant nonverbal.

In this very emotional recounting of the events of last Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Diane Licata describes the actions and motives of her son's teacher, Vicki Soto (4:13 - 4:36): "I know she would have done anything to protect those kids . I know she would have and I know she did everything she could at that moment. In the chaos and, and ascertaining what was happening, um, you know, ssssheeee is truly a hero .... and ah, it's very likely that because of her - our son is alive today."

Ms. Licata's prolonged eyelid closure (during 4:26 - 4:29), as the thankful parent says, "Sssssheee is" indicates a true and deeply sincere affection for her son's teacher-hero, Vicki Soto. Forty percent of the mass of our brain is dedicated to the visual system. And of the five senses, vision makes up ninety percent of a human's sensory input. Thus the visual portion of the brain also uses a huge portion of its blood supply.  When we close our eyes though, it changes the dynamics of the blood flow just a bit. It's not just the blind who have increased sensitivity of their other non-visual senses. All we have to do is close our eyes, and our brain's blood flow is shunted slightly more to the brain areas which control hearing, taste, touch, and smell - as well as the cognitive and emotional centers. We close our eyes when we feel affection. For this same reason we also close our eyes when we kiss, hug and make love. We want to amp up the emotion. We want to feel every last bit. We need to. We are human. So was Vicki Soto.

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