Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2245:
The Fiscal Cliff Grows Closer & Tempers Fray -
Barack Obama's Body Language

The fiscal cliff is closer with each passing hour and President Obama, who normally rarely shows any anger, displayed some yesterday during his press conference. Barack Obama is very skilled at the use of nonverbal hand illustrators. For example, he makes good use of both the two-handed & one-handed basketball steeple, the loose-fist-thumbs-up point, the claw, the split finger fastball, etc. during this appearance in the White House Press Room. However when photographers and others were making excessive noise, his he broke into an index-finger point (2:02). This indicates a momentary heightened alpha state in emotional-tone in a person who seldom uses this nonverbal and should, to the astute body language observer, indicate a shortening of his fuse. This somewhat subtle but highly significant nonverbal signal indicates anger.

Anyone can spot extreme changes in emotion. However everyone should endeavor to nuance their ability to see inside others' emotional brains - for therein is great advantage.

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