Monday, December 24, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2240:
Body Language of Extreme Joy-Happiness of Basic Needs -
Aleksander Gamme's - World Explorer

The unabashed and extreme joy felt and displayed by world explorer Aleksander Gamme as he discovers different food treats in supply stashes is infectious. It is very human, even if you don't speak Norwegian, to smile and laugh as does Aleksander with each new find. Laughter and joy are contagions as are anger, fear, and sadness. We laugh more at a funny movie - or cry at a sad portion - when there are more people in the theater. A sincere smile expressed to a pre-verbal infant virtually always results in a like expression "mirrored" back to us. Much of this behavior can be explained via the presence of a class of brain cells known as "Mirror Neurons" - and collectively they comprise the Mirror Neuron System (MNS). A better name be Empathy Neurons - for they play a very large roll in this crucial human quality and emotional phenomenon. The relative lack of mirror neurons or even subtypes of the MNS will most certainly in the not-too-distant future be able to be quantified and explain specific disease and learning disabilities. 

Merry Christmas and thank you Aleksander.

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